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About the PARO Women’s B2B Database

Diversity is important. Not just from a human rights’ standpoint, but economically as well. According to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, The diversity of our regions contributes greatly to the strength of Ontario’s overall economy. That means advancing traditionally under-represented groups including women, particularly Indigenous women, who previously may have been overlooked in the supply chain.

The PARO Women’s B2B Database does just that by promoting women-owned businesses in Ontario by creating this centralized directory.

For companies and governmental agencies, it is a fast and easy way to find high-quality, qualified suppliers and vendors in Ontario. We review all applications to ensure to the fullest extent possible that this directory contains only validated businesses.

For women-owned businesses, the directory is another way to promote their products and services to companies working in their region. Adding your business to this listing will increase your exposure to potential customers and clients, and may increase your sales.

Who is Eligible?

The PARO Women’s B2B Database is open to women-owned businesses in Ontario who meet certain criteria. PARO reviews and screens all applications to the directory for eligibility and accuracy of information. Generally speaking, all women-owned businesses based in Ontario that are in good standing will be accepted. PARO particularly encourages Indigenous women business owners to apply. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please Contact Us.

The PARO Women’s B2B Database Helps:


Diversity Matters in Ontario

Gender and ethnic diversity improves productivity for everyone in Ontario. PARO’s Women’s B2B Database makes it easier for companies to connect!


Women-Owned Businesses Increase Their Reach

The Women’s B2B Database lists women-owned businesses in Ontario, giving them exposure to companies that can benefit from their products and services.


Companies Can Find Qualified Vendors and Suppliers

Companies from Ontario and around the world can find highly skilled and diverse women-owned vendors for their projects across Ontario.


Has helped 1000’s of Women across Ontario.







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We’re Here to Help!

Contact PARO for more information about joining this database or connecting to the women-owned companies listed within.