The PARO Women’s B2B Database collects, centralizes, and publishes vendor information for potential buyers. Our goal is to connect women-owned businesses operating in Ontario, with special focus on suppliers from Northern Ontario and those operating across our province. That includes, but isn’t limited to, members and clients of PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise (PARO). We make a special effort to promote women from Indigenous and diverse backgrounds to help you overcome additional challenges to successfully promoting your business.

This application is your first step towards joining the PARO Women’s B2B Database. The information you submit in this form will help us understand more about your business. Initially, it will be used to help us assess your business to ensure it meets our requirements, now and moving forward. *

If your application is approved, then the relevant information you provide on this form (such as business details including contact information) will be added to our database. Buyers can access the system to search for vendor products and services. That gives you and other women-owned businesses exposure to buyers.

Please note: as with any directory, inclusion in the PARO Women’s B2B Database does not guarantee that vendors will receive any contracts as a result of being listed in this directory. Buyers select their own vendors, and PARO does not select any vendors on behalf of buyers. The PARO Women’s B2B Database is designed to be one more way you can get your name and business in front of potential customers and clients. After approval, updating your business profile will be your responsibility.

Who Will Have Access to the Information

The information you give us through this form will include both public and sensitive information. The public information – information that will be added to the PARO Women’s B2B Database (except where noted), should your application be successful – is limited to:


  I self-identify as… (only the selections you make under “Public”)


  Contact Information

  Social Profiles


  Business Information

  Business Capabilities

Information provided in MY PROFILE and MY BUSINESS: For PARO’s Use Only will be regarded as sensitive, and won’t be shared outside of PARO. Only PARO staff members will have access to sensitive data specific to their responsibilities. This includes reviewing your information for eligibility.

Please also be aware that unfortunately no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. We do everything we can to protect your personal information including securing this web page with an SSL certificate. We also take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of sensitive information once we have received your application.

Please ensure that all sections of the application are complete prior to submitting. Only complete applications will be accepted.

Thank you – we look forward to reviewing your application!

*Please note that approved vendors may be removed from the directory/portal at PARO’s discretion.

Saving and Submitting

At any point, you can click on the Submit Application button in the vendor application process. The status of your application will be pending and will remain private until PARO gives approval.

If you have not completed your vendor application and wish to make further changes, do NOT select the box at the bottom of the application and only click the Submit Application button. With the box unchecked, you may go to My Profile, locate this pending business application and select the edit link to make further changes.

The box at the bottom of the application states: I have no further changes to this form and it may now be reviewed by PARO. If my application is approved, I understand that my business will be made public on the Women’s B2B Database.
Once you are completely satisfied with your application and do not wish to make further changes, please select the box informing PARO that your application is ready for review and click the Submit Application button.

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