For Penny Tremblay, a #ProudParoWoman, the pandemic resulted in a lot of clarity for her business….

Penny said prior to COVID19 she “did conflict resolution and training, and helped clients with strategic planning and accountability… But it wasn’t until COVID, or what [she] now calls the great pause, that [she] could stop being busy and really pay attention and focus on what needed to happen to scale [her] business.”

While her business has been in development since she was 19 years old, the circumstances surrounding COVID19 resulted in Penny creating the highly intuitive and easily digestible format that is now known as The Sandbox System™.

The Sandbox System™ is a 4-Step Process that helps people and workplaces provincially, nationally and internationally, resolve workplace conflict effectively. The Sandbox System™ resolves conflict, builds leadership capacity with training, facilitates an inclusive planning strategy for profit, and it puts it all into practice with action and accountability.

“I teach people how to Play Nice in the Sandbox™ at work, and when they don’t, I help with conflict resolution. I believe that where there is resentment, there can be no relationship; that training doesn’t take place until behaviour changes; and that failing to create and follow a solid plan of implementation, is planning to fail at all attempts to create lasting change”, said Penny when asked to describe her purpose in her business.

Large organizations can save millions of dollars by helping their teams manage conflict from the inside out.


Organizations save hundreds, thousands, and sometimes even millions of dollars by helping their teams manage conflict from the inside out. Harvard training and many years of experience have helped Penny bring fresh concepts and stories to inspire productivity and peace in the workplace… Because let’s be honest, workplace conflict will always arise, but handled well will result in a stronger team.

Penny truly exemplifies what it means to be a #ProudPAROWoman, and it is individuals and businesses like Penny that have led us to create our Women’s B2B Vendor Database.